That moment when you find the perfect article for your grant application


She fucking loved her mug

Such sad. So tragedy. Much tears. Wow.

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I fucking love Finnish

Minä rakastan suomea, koska on kaunis kieli. Minusta on erilainen ja mielenkiintoinen.

(P.S. I’m just learning, was I supposed to use the partitive and say kaunista kieltä?)

Reasons why I feel like labels sometimes aren’t the devil that everyone makes them out to be

Okay, this may sound a bit conservative, but as a linguistics student and as someone who buys into Hobbes’ theory of the origins of speech (insofar as to say that speech is the product of the necessity to label things so that we may communicate about them, and the definitions ascribed to vocabulary results in the platonic idea of forms, not the other way around), I feel like as humans we are forced unequivocally to put labels on everything. To identify as “unlabeled” is certainly in itself to put a label on one’s identity, but it is not only not unclear and nearly enough information (and definitely over-pretentious and clearly a feeble attempt to appear more interesting externally than one is internally), it is also a waste of time and effort that only makes conversation less efficient, and I find it rather unnecessary to add superfluous ambiguity to the human experience when one could simply state how one feels at that given time.

Language and labels are designed as a tool, an evolutionary tool, to allow easy communication of ideas. To claim that one is unable to grasp at an  idea (at least in part) through the use of language when there are linguistic tools at hand that one can ascribe to one’s sexuality at any given moment (and I’m not saying these terms one ascribes to oneself must be static statutes of one’s personality), to choose to refrain from using those tools is both retrogressive and unnecessary. It hinders the point of conversation, which is to express oneself to another person with a level of clarity such that the other party may understand.

So please, just state your sexuality next time someone asks instead of all this “Oh, I choose not to label myself” nonsense. It’s a very simple question. At this given moment, with whom/what would you prefer (or maybe prefer not) to have sex?

The Key to True Happiness

is posting pregnancy selfies. I’m going to get myself pregnant and post a million because hormones beat me up at night and dislocate my shoulder. LOVE ME!!!

I guess I’ll post something new


Huntington’s is often called a “Poly-Q disorder” because the mutated huntingtin protein that forms aggregates that manifest and result in neurodegeneration have a longer expansion of glutamine (like above around 40 in a row, and the more there are, the earlier the disease manifests), and glutamine is apparently abbreviated “Q” because that makes SO much sense ya know? “Glutamine” has so many Q’s in it like why wouldn’t you call it a “Q”? It’s so obvious!


I just died a little bit inside!

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She won’t do anything else. I’ve tried to take her outside, she doesn’t like the outdoors so she won’t run around. She doesn’t like cat toys, she doesn’t like catnip. Anything normal that cats like she just doesn’t like. (x)

stop I can’t

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the greatest comeback of my childhood

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This isn’t just a teenager post, it’s a life post.

This isn’t just a teenager post, it’s a life post.

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